About NZ Photo and Travel

Hi, my name is David – I am a keen landscape photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand.  The purpose of this blog is to document my travels and the locations I photograph.  Predominantly these locations will be throughout New Zealand, however I will also document any overseas trips and experiences I may have. If you are a family person, you will be pleased to know that the places I do visit are family friendly – so you can visit them by yourself or with the little ones in tow!  If you are a keen traveler and want to see some of the places that maybe are not a first port of call for the “typical” tourist and are a bit off the beaten track, then please do read on and follow this blog.

As I travel to new places I will share with you details of how long it takes me to get there, methods of travel, where I stay, potential places to eat and some of the local sights and attractions that I take in while away.  I will share  photos of those locations as well as some information around how I planned the shot and the particular camera settings I used when capturing the image.

I am more than happy to share information and experiences so if you would like to connect or ask any questions, please also follow me on Facebook.

All images displayed in this blog-site were captured by me, remain under my copyright and cannot be used for any other purposes without my express and written prior permission.

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